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New arrival wifi camera with face recognition function

Abstract: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced that it will completely abolish the centralized certification of social insurance benefits, and no longer requires insured personnel to go to designated locations for certification within the specified time period.

On July 5, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced that it will completely cancel the centralized certification of social insurance benefits, and no longer require insured personnel to go to the designated location for certification within the specified time period.

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So how to authenticate in the future? - through face recognition!


Taking Guangdong as an example, in 2016, Guangdong Province launched the online face recognition and pension certification service for retirees of provincial enterprises. Retirees only need a networked computer with a camera, log on to the website of the Guangdong Provincial Social Security Bureau, click on the “personal annual qualification certification”, install the face recognition control, and you can complete the pension certification without leaving home. Convenient for retirees.


With the continuous maturity of face recognition technology, many application scenarios have been continually tapped and spread to people's daily lives.


Entertainment - Beauty Camera


Nowadays, many girls like beauty camera apps, from the earliest light and shadow to the beautiful picture, every day P picture, beauty, then to the beauty, IN, beauty coffee, tide self-timer... all of them are the smash hits. How do these applications capture the hearts of many users in an instant? The mature face recognition technology. Face recognition is the core technology in the beauty module. The accuracy of face recognition directly determines the effect of beauty application. The most influential is the beauty function module. Only the precise positioning of the human face and facial features can be presented. Naturally blended makeup.


Business area - identity verification


In July last year, the Agricultural Bank of China launched a “brush face withdrawal” for more than 20,000 branches across the country, and began to “paint the face” in the country, which was called a landmark event. On September 1st, Alipay “face payment” took the lead in commercial trials at the KDE restaurant in Hangzhou KFC. At the 2018 World Mobile Congress Shanghai Station held in June this year, vivo released TOF 3D super-sensing technology, and reached a technical cooperation with WeChat to support WeChat face payment, and will be put into commercial use in the second half of 2018. Face recognition technology has become a real technology application in our lives, and the scope of application in the future will inevitably become more and more extensive.


Criminal investigation field - video surveillance wireless security camera


As the first and most common application of face recognition technology, the security field has become a red sea of face recognition technology. When the camera can clearly capture the face, the index system can automatically compare the face with the data in the criminal library, and determine whether the pedestrians appearing in the camera have archives in the criminal database. The whole process takes only 2-3 seconds. time. In the Luoyang concerts in the past few days, Zhang Xueyou, the "fugitive nemesis", lived up to the expectations and completed the "seven kills", and the behind-the-scenes hero of all these achievements is the face recognition system.


The state also attaches great importance to the sustainable and healthy development of the face recognition industry. In recent years, the state has successively issued regulations such as “Technical Requirements for Security Video Surveillance Face Recognition System” and “Security Technology Requirements for Information Security Technology Network Face Recognition Authentication System” to regulate the application of face recognition technology and popularize its commercialization. Provide policy support.


Face recognition wifi camera is applied in many fields, bringing convenience, and problems such as information leakage and security risks have surfaced.


On the one hand, in the era of information and value, the commercial value of personal privacy information is increasingly prominent. Face recognition technology in the process of “brushing face”, the user’s name, gender, age, occupation, and even the mood of the user in different situations. A large amount of information is collected and stored; on the other hand, the personal privacy information collected by facial recognition technology is inevitable to escape the lawlessness and hunting. Once this information is leaked without being properly kept, the user's personal privacy is no different from being in a "streaking" state, and its security will not be effectively guaranteed.


What can security companies do in the face of personal privacy issues arising from face recognition technology?


On the one hand, face recognition acquisition technology requires high security, high accuracy, high availability, high real-time, and will accumulate a large amount of data, but if these data become a data island, it will not improve the face recognition technology. How to design a face recognition wifi camera manufacturer system to ensure that user data is not stolen. At present, there is still much room for expansion in technology development. It is necessary to increase guidance and promote technology development in data sharing and opening; Face recognition technology is gradually maturing, and applications will be more and more. The standards of face recognition technology, including the standards for protecting citizens' privacy, should be introduced as soon as possible. Relevant industries and enterprises should actively take up social responsibilities, proactively regulate industry standards, and consciously maintain the security of citizens' private data collected and stored.


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