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How to win more consumer on wifi cameras?

    微信图片_20180613103048.jpg   The security enterprises can leverage the consumer market from the following four part:

   First, the price is affordable. You should let them feel that the product worth it. But the word affordable here does not mean that the price is cheap. It means that the product should have high performance cost ratio. And customers can accept the price. If the price is cheap, customer may suspect the quality of the wireless security cameras. Product suitable for civil use can be called affordable.

   Second, the operation of the pan& tilt ip camera should be intelligent. Producer should consider whether the public have command of the relevant knowledge about monitoring product, for example, wireless network IP camera. If high-tech is the feature of the product, but its operation isnt intelligent and easy. It can not appeal to the average person. Therefore, intelligent does not mean complex and high-tech but simple and convenient. Take the IP camera for example. Now users can remotely monitor wireless network IP camera by mobile phone and computer. If the camera can be linked by mobile phone, another conspicuous question is whether phone or computer can link the camera easily or conveniently. At present, IP camera can be connected through some application, such as YOOSEE APP and CAREHOME APP. Users can connect devices through plugging the network cable, scanning QR code affixed on the device, or searching and adding device by setting WIFI. Such product ,which is operated easily, can be called intelligent.


   Third, it is safety.  To security product, it must play role in protection and safety. For security IP camera, safety means that the camera cannot be control by the third party and its data wont lose or image isnt leaked. Its better if one function of the camera can give a deterrent to the intruders. Nowadays, almost all security IP camera are built in microphone and speaker. It precisely satisfies the publics request to security products.

   elegant is also one of the publics request to security product. Though the civil ip security camera market is in its infancy, there are more and more people use intelligent home furniture. And most security product in the market belongs to intelligent home furniture, for example, wireless security camera. When the technology has been commanded by all merchants, the next thing should to do is making innovation in other aspect, such as the products appearance. If the camera is a baby monitor camera as well as a decoration, it is easily favored by consumers.

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